How to place an order

Step 1
Choose your telegram by clicking the “View Telegrams” button on the homepage to view the gallery. Select a telegram and type your greeting on the preview page. Select “Add To Cart” then “Show Cart” to continue.

Step 2
Select "Checkout as Guest" or "Register". You will be taken to the order information page where you can enter your contact and recipient details.

Under “Enter Your Details” please enter your name. (This doesn’t have to be your real name.)

Please only enter your address if you want the telegram posted to you. Check the “Post to me” box to confirm. Your telegram will be posted to you in a larger padded envelope containing the telegram and telegram envelope.

Under “Enter Recipient Details” please enter the name and address of your recipient. You do not need to enter an address here if the telegram is being posted to you.

You can then enter the dispatch date and stamp date. The stamp date is the date for the ink stamp. This can be the same as the dispatch date or the date of a special occasion.

Under “Shipment” please select your preferred postage option.

Step 3
Click “Confirm Purchase” to proceed to the payment page where you can pay by PayPal or card.

Once payment is confirmed we will review your order and send a confirmation email. Please allow sufficient time for us to review and reply.

Please note that is is not yet possible to capture an image of your telegram order.

Once your order has been posted we will email confirmation of dispatch. This will include any reference numbers for orders posted by special delivery.