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How to place an order

Just follow these 3 simple steps and your telegram or card will soon be on its way.

You can also add a gift to accompany your telegram or greetings card by selecting "Gifts" from the menu or "Continue Shopping" during your order.

Step 1
You can begin your order by selecting "Telegrams" or "Cards" from the main menu. Once selected, you will be presented with a gallery from where you can choose your favourite telegram or greetings card and enter your message.

Step 2

Once you are happy select "Add to Cart" and "Show Cart" to proceed to the customer registration page where you can sign up/sign in or check out as a guest user. Please remember to add a recipient address, otherwise the telegram will be sent to you. You will also be asked to select a dispatch date and stamp date for the telegram. The stamp date field can be left empty for greetings card orders.

Step 3
Choose your preferred postage and payment methods and select “Enter Payment Details” to proceed to the payment page. On completion, you will be presented with a payment confirmation page. You will also receive an order confirmation email together with your greeting, send date and confirmation of payment. Your text message will be copied, formatted and placed on your telegram or greetings card by us.